Courtnie Dani Fore

Just a free-spirited artist that has an eye for creativity and personality in art. Growing up drawing and doing crafts were more than a hobby they were my comfort; something that brought me great pride and joy. A few years back I really fell in love with design and computer animation. My simple sketches became awesome illustrations. When I graduated high school I knew I wanted to take my passion to a professional level. I began my studies at Valdosta State however, by transferring to Georgia State I knew I had something to prove to become an exclusive graphic designer. I became more open-minded to trying new ideas and willing to push myself to really think outside the box.

This past year was one of my biggest achievements; I was apart of top 21 talented students, chosen to be an official Graphic Designer and represent Georgia State. Yay! I am looking forward to learning everything I can from this program & doing what I absolutely love as my ocuppation.

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